Karen has always enjoyed drawing and the creative arts and crafts. She took up watercolour painting about 12 years ago, and since leaving her previous employment as a GP some years ago, has taken advantage of this to pursue her artistic interests.

The subject matter of Karen’s paintings include both landscapes and wildlife ranging from flowers to birds, butterflies, and in fact ‘all creatures great and small’. She has a love of nature, and sees her artwork as an attempt to portray something of the beauty and intricacy of God’s creation: this is reflected in her logo, ‘copying God’s design’. She created a range of greetings cards and stationery based on her paintings, and also designs bespoke wedding stationery.

Karen also has expertise in calligraphy, being taught italic handwriting at the primary school which she attended. She won the Worcestershire county schools’ handwriting prize at the age of 10, and has won a number of national competitions.

Karen also has interests in textiles and interior design, and she produces hand-made cushions, quilts and other soft furnishings to order.